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Kodokan Judo


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Judo, or the Way of Gentleness, an ideal form of physical exercise and a
reliable system of self-defense, was specially created from traditional Japanese
martial arts. This book by the creator of Kodokan judo is uniquely comprehensive
and the most authoritative guide to this martial art ever published.

Over a hundred years ago Jigoro Kano mastered swordsmanship and hand-to-hand
combat. Failing to discover any underlying principle, he set about designing a
new martial art to reflect the concept of maximum efficiency in the use of
physical and mental energy. Today, the concepts and techniques of judo taught at
the Kodokan are the ones originally devised by their creator and collected
together in this book. Covering everything from the fundamental techniques to
prearranged formal exercises for both men and women, the book offers detailed
explanations of how techniques are combined in two types of practice: randori
(free practice) and kata (the practice of forms). In addition to a discussion of
traditional methods of resuscitation, the book concludes with a useful appendix
of information on the founder and the Kodokan International Judo Centre, and a
glossary of judo terminology. Fully illustrat3d throughout, Kodokan Judo will
help students and instructors everywhere to discover the principles, techniques,
and spirit of this popular martial art.

JIGORO KANO, born in 1860 in Hyogo Prefecture, created Kodokan judo in 1882,
the year after he graduated from Tokyo Imperial University. In 1909 he became
the first Japanese member of the International Olympic committee. Jigoro Kano
died at sea in 1938 while returning from an IOC meeting in Cairo.



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