How to order personalized embroidery

1. Place your order

First you must place your order, for the item to be embroidered, through our Online Shopping system and Select ” With embroidery” in the Personalized Embroidery option.

2. Fill in the appropriate embroidery order form

Once your order is placed online and you receive an email confirmation, please fill in the appropriate embroidery order form (see embroidery forms below) and send it to us by e-mail at Allow up to three weeks for all embroidery orders to be shipped. The delay begins once we have received all the required documents and information. Embroidery orders requiring digitizing have a 6 weeks delay before shipping.

Embroidery retail cost

Embroidery $3.00 / character
Logos: to be determined upon request
Translation $1.00 / Katakana
$5.00 / Kanji
Digitizing service
(If necessary)
$32.00 / character that are not within our Kanji Library
(Logos: to be determined upon request)

Additional 5.00$ Embroidery value insurance fee: This fee added to all embroidery orders is to compensate the financial coverage of the additional personalized embroidery which was requested on the item ordered if the package is lost or damaged and cannot be delivered.The final amount depends on the specificity of the required embroidery and can be determined only after receiving your embroidery form. If you wish to have a quotation for your personalized embroidery, please specify this in the comments section of the embroidery form.

About our embroidery, we offer

  • Japanese characters – Katakana and Kanji
  • Regular alphabet
  • Styles and associations (eg. J.K.A., Shotokan, Goju Ryu etc…)
  • Accurate phonetic Japanese translation of your name
  • Digitizing service
  • Any logos, symbols etc…

Arawaza has a reputation in customized Japanese embroidery.  This very demanding and detailed work is done to perfection and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer a low cost, high quality, precision STYLE and NAME embroidery service.

Each job is carefully processed. The embroidery needlework is done on a finished product so it will not come undone and “layered” for a thick and luxurious appearance.

We can also have your name translated in Japanese by our native Japanese translator who has a great deal of experience with spoken and written English and French. All Japanese characters are originally hand painted by a Japanese master of calligraphy and then digitized.

Our embroidered belts are the very best looking on the market. From 8 to 12 lines of stitching and high-quality base. They are embroidered right through (strengthening rather than weakening the belt) and leaving the design on the face of the belt free from black stitching over the embroidery.

Karatekas of all levels can also have the satisfaction of owning one of these beautiful belts. We can embroider to your precise specifications in a wide range of colors, on any colored belt.

Katakana: We can embroider any word phonetically with Japanese Katakana characters.

Kanji: Many custom designs can be created inexpensively by using our existing library of digitized Kanji characters. For example, by combining INTERNATIONAL, TRADITIONAL, KARATE & FEDERATION you can create “I.T.K.F.”

Please note that orders with personalized embroidery will have an additional 5$ shipping fee to insure the value of the embroidery with the postal service.

Please note that products with personalized embroidery will not be accepted for returns, refunds or exchanges. See more at the following link Returns for refund or exchange.