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Arawaza Onyx Evolution, Karate

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Arawaza Onyx Evo and Arawaza Onyx Air

Size A B C D E
1/140 133 69 51.5 81 41
2/150 140 75 54.5 86 44
3/160 147 81 57.5 91 47
3.5/165 150.5 83.5 59 93.5 49
4/170 156 86 60.5 96 50
4.5/175 161.5 88.5 62 99 51
5/180 167 91 63.5 103 52
5.5/185 172.5 94 65 107 53.5
6/190 178 97 66.5 110 55
6.5/195 183.5 100 68 113 57
7/200 189 103 69.5 116 59
7.5/205 194.5 106 71 119 61
8/210 200 109 72.5 122 63
8.5/215 205 112 74 125 65
9/220 209 115 75.5 128 67

Note: Please note that the measurements provided are approximate. All measurements are in centimeters.

In case of uncertainty in size choice, please send an email to sales@arawaza.com so that we can provide you with additional information that will help you in your size selection.



The Onyx Evolution offers a sleek modern design and top quality manufacturing details. It is one of the most advanced kumite uniform on the market that will help you achieve your highest performances. This uniform has advanced features that makes it outstanding in its class and the number one choice for serious kumite practitioners desiring the most efficient, stylish and comfortable fit.

Although extremely light, it is very resistant. It offers maximum breathing and will resist during intensive kumite training and competition while offering greatest mobility. With a luxurious appearance, will not stick, shrink nor wrinkle and dries very fast.

7oz lightweight, microfiber.

Embroidery service: If you selected “With embroidery” in the embroidery option above, please go to embroidery page and send us the appropriate order form a.s.a.p. after the checkout. Click here for more details…


WKF approved

Arawaza WKF products are Approved by the World Karate Federation to be worn in official tournaments sanctioned by WKF. Arawaza WKF uniforms have a specific color of embroidery on the chest and back of the neck and can also have embroidery on the shoulders.

Karate Gold

Arawaza Gold uniforms have gold embroidery on the shoulders, chest, back of the neck and right hip. This uniform is very popular amongst coaches, instructors and athletes in various events or trainings. However, it is of mandatory use in the Premier League tournaments and Senior World Championships of the WKF for the incumbent Grand Winners only. If unsure, you must verify with your federation or the organizing committee of your tournament if they allow this uniform to be worn by all competitor.

Karate Regular

Arawaza Regular uniforms are manufactured without any trademark embroidered logos to suit any traditional style or association. Additional embroidery can be added to this model using our personalized embroidery service.


Additional information


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WKF Approved, Regular, WKF Gold

Personalized Embroidery



6 reviews for Arawaza Onyx Evolution, Karate

  1. Matthew Stewart

    Onyx Evolution is the lightest Gi i’ve ever used. Feels like silk.. I LOVE it..

  2. George Tzanos, European Champion – Greece

    The new uniform is very very good , great job!!!

  3. Rene Smaal, European Champion, Netherland

    Ive got to tell you that those Gi’s are amazing, how comfortable they fit, its unbelievable, I like them a lot.

  4. Milos Jurek – Serbia

    I have one from Paris, simply astonishing, best kumite Gi so far… Congratulations!

  5. Douglas Brose, World Champion – Brazil

    The karate-gi is excellent. Much lighter and with an innovative design that allows freedom of all movements without any discomfort.

  6. Harsamrat Virdee, National Team of Mexico

    As an athlete its a pleasure and honor to be part of the Arawaza team, always innovating and steps ahead from the others. Congratulations for that, as I told you in Paris, this karategi is the best!!!

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