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All products » DVDs / Videos » Karate DVDs » Japanese Masters » Shotokan » DVD: Masao Kagawa - Best Karate - "The heart of Shotokan"
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DVD: Masao Kagawa - Best Karate - "The heart of Shotokan"
Price: $59.95USD 
DVD:  Masao Kagawa - Best Karate - "The heart of Shotokan"

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A must DVD for all karatekas. Here lies the heart of Shotokan!!

Characteristics of Shotokan Karate-do are in greatest strength, power of dynamic waza. This DVD especially focuses on those Shotokan-ryu waza, called Ichigeki Hissatsu.


What is real Karate?
What is real Kumite?
Basis of real Karate, how to stand, Kokutsu-dachi, knack of Ushiro-tsuki, Mae-geri, Yoko-geri, Mawashi-geri, Ushiro-geri, Uke-waza, Uraken and Haito.
Real Kata 'Kanku-Dai' 'Jion'

Starring: Masao Kagawa
Supporting: K. Kanayama, T. Yamaguchi, K. Hori, Y. Hama, T. Itoh

Professional quality,
Made in Japan

System: NTSC
Ref # CMP196

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